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Enthiran Movie Photo Gallery

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Rajini Enthiran SUN group and rest of media

Lots of news used to hit the media even if the movie is starred by a hero like Vambu.

If the case to a movie of Vambu will have lots of news and gossips, what should be a movie of Rajini to create impact in the media? But about Enthiran there is no news at all.

Initially some paparrazi type pictures about the movie came out but after that nothing is available to the media.
Is this because of SUN group - the producer of the movie who does not want to leave a bit of news about the movie leaking out? or is that Shankar who put that condition or Rajini himself not willing to leakout anything regarding the movie?

It seems, its Rajini who does not want to create any big news about the movie as he feels that too much of news will create too much of expectations that happened in the case of Sivaji and Kusalen, while Sivaji gave money back to the producer, Kusalen made the distributor totally out from the industry.

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Vadivelu is not my 'Annan' but he is machaaan

Namitha was in a very happy mood when she spoke to HosurOnline.

HosurOnline was seeking an interview with the item girl Namitha. She agreed to speak to HosurOnline during the shooting of Jegan Mohini and was found in a very happy mood.

She started the discussion by revealing a news that she was the one who recommended Vadivelu for the movie Jegan Mohini. She was quick to add that Vadivelu is Anna only in the movie and in real he is another machaan who jols at her.

She herself adds that she never calls any men in this world as brother and for her everyone is her machaan.

She says that she will marry a man in a properly arranged wedding day and will never hide her marriage.

When this reporter asked 'What happened to that Thaadi man found with you?' she replied showing little shy 'He is boring, I am looking for a person like you'

I Escapooooo....

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Sneha photo gallery new

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